Pet sitting at client’s place


Your pet can stay home with used conditions and our caretaker will come to you. First, caretaker and client arrange service times and then Whisker’s caretaker will come to your place to spend time, feed, go for walks and show some love to your pet. It would be almost the same thing as you would be home. First introductory visit is for free. All pets are insured at the time of the service.


Benefits of using Whisker service:

  • Knowledgeable and animal loving caretakers;
  • Your pet will not have extra stress as if being away from home;
  • Individual care;
  • Service based on the routine;
  • Activities;
  • Walks;
  • Communication with a caretaker;
  • Photo updates on how your pet is doing;
  • Home safety;

All Whisker caretakers


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