Dog walking

Suņu pastaigas

Every dog needs daily walks. Whisker caretakers will take for a walk your dog and will provide all necessary activities.

Pet sitting at caretakers place

Suņa pieskatīšana

Does your pet needs cosy and friendly environment while you are away? Choose pet sitting at caretaker’s place.

Pet sitting at client’s place

Suņu pieskatīšana

Pet sitting at client’s place offers conditions to which your pet is used to, while you are away.

Home visits

Kaķu pieskatīšana

While you are away, we will visit your cat and make sure to provide needed care, attention and love.

Pet sitting during the day

Suņu pieskatīšana

We provide pet sitting during the day, to make sure your dog gets some company, goes for a walk and happily waits for you to come home.

Small pet boarding and drop-in visits

Small Pet Boarding is an great option for critters such as guinea pigs, bunnies, hamsters, mice, ferrets, turtles, small birds, and small reptiles.